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5 out of 5 Triumph

"A great story of young man doing all he can with the talents he's been given. Humility, courage and the love of a family fuel this terrific tale."
- Brandon Ambruoso
5 out of 5 Young Americans Rise to Polo Stardom

"The Polo Kid is an accurate portrayal of the inner lives of rising young Americans in the world of polo. In the (small) world of polo, there is great concern that there are few rising young American stars to continue the sport as we've come to know it in this country. The Torres brothers give us hope and inspire us all. The best parts of their story are that they share their late father's dream and they are earning their success the hard way - through HARD work. Polo is one of the oldest and most challenging sports on the planet. Any prowess in it takes incredible horsemanship, dexterity and skills far more diverse than required in most other sports. The Torres' dedication and hard work to not only their game, but to their entire way of life is a recipe for success that can be followed only by those with equal ambition."
- John H. Olson
5 out of 5 Polo Player

"the cliche is that this is a made for Hollywood story, the reality transcends even the best any author could create; the world of a middle class american family living the dream is shattered by the untimely passing of a great man, Miguel Torres, whose passion for horses and polo as a way of life lives on in the young warriors who are his sons. Miguelito recognizes his father's passion to play in his younger brother Santi who has an almost instinctive talent in a sport which is perhaps the most difficult to learn let alone master. Santi, the Polo Kid, is a natural, at this ancient sport, which leaves the viewer asking when will the sequel be out? A great story of a great American family, here's to Miguel and Kelly Torres, for sharing their story and to their sons, Miguelito and Santi."
- Allen K. Hoe
5 out of 5 Classic sporting action and I cried!

"Polo kid is a really simple story told well. Santi is a hero, the action is spectacular and although I really didn't expect it the ending is really moving. Come on the kid!"
- Barney bear

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